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Chairs Rules: How Do You Play The Chairs Game?

Chairs Rules: How Do You Play The Chairs Game?


A total of 24 plastic chairs that feature different designs and colors.


The aim is to try and stack the chairs, one after the other, on top of each other, without causing a fall.

  • The game requires at least two players, who should be at least 5 years.
  • Choose a flat surface, preferably a table, and spread out all the chairs at random.
  • Settle on the number of rounds you’d like to play. The chairs game ideally consists of 5 rounds.

Chairs Game Official Rules

  • The youngest player kick starts the game by selecting any chair and placing it on the flat playing surface.
  • The next player should select another chair and stack it on top of the first chair.
  • Play continues with one player after the other, each stacking one chair at a time.
  • The first chair should be the only one resting on the playing surface. All the other chairs must be stacked on top of each other or balanced on each other.
  • Players can add chairs in whichever direction they choose, so long as the stack doesn’t collapse.
  • If a player knocks down the stack during his/her turn, that round ends.
  • A player earns one penalty point for each chair that falls down.
  • Another round starts with the next player choosing a random chair and placing it on the playing surface.
  • The game continues until all the pre-agreed rounds are over.

Determining the Winner

  • The winner should be determined after all rounds are over.
  • The player that didn’t knock down any chairs wins.
  • If all players knocked off some chairs at some point, then the player with the least penalty points, i.e. the one that knocked the least number of chairs is the winner.

Alternative Game


The aim is to be the first player to finish stacking all of his/her chairs.


  • Players should divide the chairs amongst them equally.
  • The youngest player should take a chair from his/her chair and place it on the playing surface.
  • Play continues with players stacking a chair, one after another.
  • If a player happens to knock down a chair or chairs during his/her turn, he must take all the fallen chairs and add to his share.
  • The game ends when one of the players finishes all his/her chairs to become the winner.


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