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Cards Against Humanity Rules: How do you Play Cards Against Humanity?


Cards against humanity is a game that you might play if you have a group of intoxicated friends together and you somehow managed to end up with nothing better to do.
Not for the faint of heart, this game will challenge whatever faith in humanity you had left, but not without providing a laugh first.

Game type: card game, non-competitive, humorous
Number of players: as many as you can manage (or have enough cards for)
Suggested age: adult
Special note: this game is free (creative commons license), but physical cards are not. You can buy, print your own, or use a (free) digital version to play this game

Game Pieces
Black and white cards arranged in two piles.

Pregame Setup
Each player is dealt or draws 10 cards face down. The player who has pooped more recently begins as the card czar.

Playing the Game

The card czar draws a single black card and reads the card (question or fill in the blank) out loud for everyone to hear. Every other player answers the black card (read by the czar) by providing a white card to the card czar face down. Each player may only provide one answer, but some questions may indicate that they require multiple cards to answer. If you need to play more than one card then hand them to the card czar in the order he is supposed to read them (order matters). If the czar is having trouble keeping things together then you may use paper clips.

The Czar then shuffles the received answers and reads them aloud. For best results, it is suggested to include the black card it is answering in each answer. The czar then selects the best/funniest answer.
Whoever submitted the selected answer is the recipient of one Awesome point.
After the round is over a new czar is selected and everyone draws back up to 10 white cards.

Players may opt to gamble their Awesome points if they think they have more than one acceptable answer to a question. You may gamble 1 point to play 1 extra card. If you win you keep your gambled point, but if you lose then the winner gets the point you wagered.

Winning the Game
Winning? This isn’t about winning, this is about survival. You determine the conditions, if any, for winning.

Losing the Game
You probably lost the moment you started.

Alternative Rules

If you haven’t understood how this game works, it works the way you want it to work, but here are some House Rules:

Happy Ending: When you’re all done then use the “make a haiku” black card that you had already pulled from the deck and reserved for just this game ending occasion. It is suggested that you read them dramatically, and obviously they do not have to follow the 5-7-5 (haiku) form.

Rebooting the Universe: Players may expend any number of their awesome points to return any number of white cards to the deck, reshuffle optional, and receive new cards to bring their total back up to 10.

Packing Heat: Any black card that requests two picks be used to answer it allows players to draw an extra white card to help answer it.

Rando Cardrissian: Every round pick a random answer from the white deck and place it in the pile for the card czar to read. This card belongs to an illusion named Rando Cardrissian, and losing to this… thing… means all players must return home in a state of everlasting shame. No cheating!

God is Dead: The czar is deposed by the democratic process. Players vote on their favorite card instead.

Survival of the Fittest: Players submit their answers and then each player may eliminate one answer each. The last remaining card is obviously the funniest.

Serious Business: Instead of picking just one card as the winner, the card Czar is compelled to “leave no card behind” and ranks the top three, which is awarded 3 2 and 1 points respectively. Using science and math you can tally the awesome points to solve for “the funniest person”.

Never have I ever: If a player fails to understand the concept of any specific card then they may opt to discard that card after confessing their ignorance to the group and accept the resulting humiliation.

End Game

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