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Bunco Rules: How do you play Bunco?

Getting Set Up

A game of Bunco needs 12 people, one of whom acts as the host who gathers the following supplies:

  • 12 score cards 
  • 3 tables each with 4 chairs
  • 3 dice, 2 pens and 2 pads for each table
  • 1 Bell to remain at the head table
  • 1 Fuzzy Die which starts at the head table and gets past among players as Bunco is called.

Before the game starts, set up each table with the required items. Then mark 4 of the scorecards with a star and shuffle to ensure the star cards are randomly mixed. Have each player pick one and those with the star cards sit at the head or “Winning” table, while the others pick seats at the remaining tables. Each table has 4 players, two teams of two. Teams are determined by seating with the partners directly across from one another. 

Ready, Set, Roll

The game starts when the Head table rings the bell. Players then roll the 3 dice to score points as bellow. The turn is over when the number of the round is not rolled and the dice are past clockwise. The round is over when a team at the head table reaches 21 points or rolls a Bunco. 

Scoring Points, Winning, Losing, and Bunco!

Points are scored depending on the number of times the round’s number is rolled. 

1 dice with the round’s number = 1 point

2 dice with the round’s number = 2 points

3 dice or 3 of a kind of any number other than the round’s number = 5 points

3 of a kind of the round’s number = 21 points and Bunco!

When Bunco is called, the team earns 21 points but only the player who rolled it gets to place a check next to the Bunco section of the scorecard. 

At the end of the round the teams with the highest points write a W next to that round and the teams with the lowest write a L. The losing team from the Head table moves to the Lowest table. The winner from the lowest move to the middle and the winners from the middle move to the Head table and partners are switched. The next round starts with the ringing of the bell with the number being the next one in line. 

And The Winner Is!

Suggested winning categories and prizes for a $5 buy in are:

  • Most Bunco’s = $20
  • Most Wins = $15
  • Traveling (or the player to last call Bunco and hold the Fuzzy Die) = $10
  • 50/50 or the player with equal wins and losses = $8
  • Most Loses = $5
  • Drawing of players who didn’t win = $2

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