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Bounce-Off Rules: How do you Play Bounce-Off?




Draw a card and bounce colored balls onto a board to match the pattern on the card.


Game type: Competitive, simple, cooperative

Number of players: 2 players alone or 4 in teams of 2

Suggested age: 7+


Game Pieces

16 colored balls

4 ball holders

1 game tray

9 challenge cards


Pregame Setup

Place the game tray in the middle of playing surface between players.

Each player (or team) takes their colored balls (8) and places them in their colored trays.


Decide on a hard (blue) or easy (green) cards to draw from, or mix them all together and use both.


Draw one card and place it face-up.


Decide which of the two game modes you wish to play; you may choose “one bounce” where you bounce one ball at a time or “all play” where everyone bounces their balls at the same time.


Playing the Game

The objective of the game is to complete the design on the card with your balls. The ball must bounce at least once before it settles into the game board for it to count.

If you are playing “one bounce” then each player takes a turn clockwise until the design is matched. The player to match the design takes the card and the round ends. Draw a new card and reset the board.

If a player runs out of balls before the card is matched then they must take one from the board for a re-throw.


If you are playing “all play” then balls are thrown simultaneously until a match is made. If you match the design first then you need to grab the card before the other team completes their pattern and grabs the card for themselves.


Winning the Game

The team or player with 3 cards wins the game.

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