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Boggle Jr. Rules, Instructions, Directions

 Boggle Jr. rules below

Read the Boggle Jr. rules below

Boggle Jr. Overview: 

Boggle Jr. is a learning game intended to help young children with word, object, and letter recognition, as well as spelling, turn-taking, and memory. It’s not the jumble of cubes you know from classic Boggle, but it is a good introduction to word games for children.

Boggle Jr. Contents:

  • Game tray.
  • 30 picture cards, double-sided.
  • 8 letter cubes
  • Instructions (doh!)

Boggle Jr. Rules (Match It/Spell It):

Arrange the picture cards so that all of the three-word cards are facing the same direction, and place the cards into the tray. The plastic word-cover that shields the word is not used in this version of play, so flip it down.

Point to the picture on the word-card and ask the child to name the image. Then point to the spelling of the word below the image, and say the letters out loud.

Have the child find each letter in order, say the letter, and then place the cubes into the tray below the appropriate letters on the pictures.

When each letter is in place, say each letter out loud and then say the word that it spells. Repeat this process through the rest of the three-letter word-cards then flip them over and complete the four-letter word-cards with the child.

Boggle Jr. Rules (Cover It):

When your child has mastered the “Match It/Spell It” version of the game, they are ready for the more difficult “Cover It” version.

Set up the game in the same manner as described above. Begin the game by looking at the word on the first visible card and then covering it with the plastic visor. The child then proceeds to spell the word from memory using the word cubes.

A two-player variant can also be played in the same manner, except that the children compete to see how many cards they can spell correctly, saving each completed card to indicate their score.


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