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Blokus Board Game Rules: How do you play Blokus?

Blokus Rules: 

Game type: territory, strategy, grid, shapes
Number of players: 2-4
Suggested age: 7+

Game Pieces:
game grid
84 colored shapes split into 4 colors (red, blue, yellow, green)

Pregame Setup:
if two players, then each player takes two colors.
If three players, then each player takes one color and the fourth is set aside to be played by each player in turn.

Playing the Game:
Decide who goes first. Each color’s first play must be made on a corner square of the game board. Every play after the first must only touch the corners of a matching color but may touch any other color in any way.
Play continues clock-wise with each player placing one piece per turn until no further plays can be made by any player.

If playing a two player game then each player alternates what color they play. They must still be played correctly on matching colors.

If playing with three players then each player takes their turn as normal while taking turns playing the fourth color.

Winning the Game:
The player with fewest remaining squares in their pieces wins the game; each square is worth -1 point.
If playing a two player game then the two colors are scored together.
if playing a three player game then the fourth color is not scored… unless you want to see if three heads truly are better than one.

Additional scoring options:
If all of a colors pieces have been played then +15 points
the player can earn an additional 5 points if the last piece is also the smallest piece (single square).


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