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BeanBoozled Rules: How do you play Bean Boozled?

BeanBoozled Rules

The BeanBoozled game is a “Russian Roulette” candy game where you can “win” a tasty treat or torture, maim, and kill your taste buds. The game has boxes containing jelly beans with both the tastiest and the strangest flavors imaginable.

Players are not able to predict what they are going to get after spinning the wheel of fortune until they taste their jelly beans. This is because each box comes with ten different types of jelly beans and each type has its own flavor, which can be super tasty or something you’d feed to your dog–like literally: enjoy “Canned Dog Food” or “Skunk Spray” for example. And the only way to differentiate between paired flavors is through a taste test.

The tension between the time when the wheel has stopped spinning and the flavorably or ill-fated bean lands in the player’s mouth is what makes the game exciting, and the groans and gags when the bad-beans are found keep the laughs coming.

The Flavor Combinations

Players are required to have full knowledge of different combinations of flavors in jelly beans. These flavors are as follows:

  1. Canned Dog Food & Chocolate Pudding
  2. Skunk Spray & Licorice
  3. Moldy Cheese & Caramel Corn
  4. Toothpaste & Berry Blue
  5. Rotten Egg & Buttered Popcorn
  6. Baby Wipes & Coconut
  7. Barf & Peach
  8. Pencil Shavings & Top Banana
  9. Centipede Egg & Strawberry Jam
  10. Booger & Juicy Pear

The BeanBoozled Rules

Below are the rules governing the BeanBoozled Game:

  • The players, regardless of how many they are in number, must divide up all the jelly beans into identical colors.
  • The competitors must decide how many chews for each jelly beans are necessary after biting and before swallowing.
  • Players should spin the wheel-of-fortune to determine what color of the beans to eat.
  • Each player should select one bean from any of the groups.
  • Depending on the type of flavor each player chooses, there are points to be earned. If the player eats a nasty flavor, he gets two points. If the same player spits it out, he earns one point or zero points if the taste turns out to be delicious.
  • The main purpose of the challenge is to earn as many points as possible by being BeanBoozled as well as eating the beans and swallowing them.
  • Players should have a trash can on the standby to spit out any nasty-tasting beans that they are unable to tolerate.
  • This challenge is not for the faint of heart, or more accurately, stomach.
  • Most importantly, players have permission to make up their own rules. After all, the game is BeanBoozled, meaning that anything is possible and players’ imagination is the only limit.

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