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Battle of the Sexes Rules, Instructions, Directions

battle of the sexes rules
Battle of the Sexes rules below

Battle of the Sexes Rules Overview:

A team game that pits women against men in gender specific trivia. Do you have the knoweldge of the inner workings of the opposite sex? If so, you can lead your team to victory as you race across the game board.


  • Game Board
  • 110 Female Playing Cards
  • 110 Male Playing Cards
  • 8 Pawns
  • 55 Female Wild Cards
  • 55 Male Wild Cards

Battle of the Sexes Rules:

Setup: Begin the game by giving each team two pawns–blue pawns for male teams and red pawns for female teams. Place one of each pawn on the starting position on the game board. The other pawns will not be used at this time, so set them aside.

Separate and shuffle the four decks of cards and place them on the appropriate spaces on the board.

Wild Cards: Wild cards are only picked up if a team lands on a wild card space on the board. Depending on the space landed on, players will pick up either a same-sex wild card or an opposite sex wild card. When a player draws an opposite sex wild card, they must perform the action indicated on the card. When a player draws a same-sex wild card, they answer the questions on the card until they have finished all of the questions or make a wrong answer.

Gameplay: Flip a coin to determine which team goes first. If the female team wins the flip, play begins by a member of the male team selecting the top “Male question card” from the deck and asking the first question.

When a question is answered correctly, the female pawn would move one space forward, and the next question on the list would be asked. When a question is answered incorrectly, or when all three questions have been answered correctly, the turn ends. Place the card on the bottom of the deck from which it was drawn.

Repeat this process for the next team. Play continues until a team moves their first pawn all the way across the board, at which point they place their second pawn on the board and attempt to reach the end space. The first team with both pawns on the end space is the winner.

Capturing a Pawn: 
Players may capture one of the opposing team’s pawns by landing on the same square that the pawn occupies. When this occurs, move the captured pawn to the starting position of the opposite sex. Pawns can only be captured if the opposing team has a remaining pawn.

When a pawn is captured, the remaining pawn is placed on the starting position of the board and play continues as normal. When the remaining pawn reaches the end space, the captured pawn is freed and placed on its own start position, and play continues as normal.

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