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Bang! Rules

Bang! Rules 

Bang! is a Spaghetti Western Style shootout game that consisting of a Sheriff and a group of Outlaws. The Sheriff targets the outlaws but he enjoys the help of Deputies incognito. The game also has a Renegade who is pursuing a unique role. Let’s dig deeper and understand the Bang! rules.

The Contents of the Game 

  • 7 Roles, 1 Sheriff, 2 Deputies, 1 Renegade, 3 Outlaws 
  • 16 Characters 
  • 7 Summary cards 
  • 80 Playing Cards 
  • 30 Bullets 
  • 7 Playing boards 
  • The Rulebooks 

Objects of the Fame 

Each of the players has one goal to achieve victory:

  • Sheriff: has to eliminate every Outlaw and the Renegade as a way of protecting law and order.
  • Outlaws: The Outlaws attempt to kill the Sheriff. However, they also want to eliminate each other to gain more rewards. 
  • Deputies: They assist and protect the Sheriff. They share the goal of the sheriff. 
  • Renegade: what he wants is to become the new sheriff. So, he does not want to become the last character in the gameplay. 

The Game Setup 

Each player has to take a playing board and place it in front to hold his/her role, her character, her weapon, and her bullets. The players are divided as follows. 

  • 4 player game: Sheriff, 2 Outlaws, 1 Renegade 
  • 5 player game: Sheriff, 2 Outlaws, 1 Renegade, 1 Deputy 
  • 6 player game: Sheriff, 3 Outlaws, 1 Renegade, 1 Deputy 
  • 7 player game: Sheriff, 3 Outlaws, 1 Renegade, 2 Deputy

To start, every player is given a random role card and a random character card. The role card can be the Sheriff, Outlaw, Renegade or Deputy, and determines the victory conditions of each player. The selection is from specific role sets for every 4, 5, 6 or even 7 players to ensure balance. The role of a sheriff is revealed immediately as other card remains face down. 

Each character has a western name, such as Bart Cassidy or El Gringo, and a special power that differentiates her in the game. Based on her character in the game, the player notes her initial points in bullets – either 3 or 4 – and the Sheriff gets one extra bullet. Afterward, the players are dealt their playing cards, which must be equal to their bullets though the game starts with the Sheriff. 

Each player has to take the following actions in order:

  • Draw two cards 

Each player draws two playing cards. 

  • Play the desired number of cards 

On their turn, each player can play the number of cards she wishes. Each of the participants plays cards to help themselves or hurt the other players to eliminate them. However, each player has to wait for their turn to play cards – exception “Missed!” and  “Beer.” Players are not forced to play cards during this phase. 

  • Discard any excess cards 

Once the second phase ends, players do not want to play any more cards. So, they have to discard all the excess cards from their hand. The hand size limit is equal to the total number of bullets the player holds at the end of the game 


Distance Between the Players 

The distance between players is the least number of places between them – counting counter-clockwise or clockwise. The distance is important because every card with a “sight” has to consider it. Normally, the players can reach the targets alone – cards or players – within a short distance of 1. After a character is eliminated, they are not counted during the evaluation of the distance. 


Elimination of Players

When a player loses, the last life point is eliminated, and the game ends unless they play a Beer immediately. After elimination, the player shows her role card and discards the cards they have in play and in hand. The Sheriff has to discard all his cards in play and at hand if he eliminates a Deputy. Any player who eliminates an Outlaw has to draw a 3-card reward from the deck. 

End of the Game 

The game stops when the Sheriff dies. If the Renegade stands as the only player alive, she wins. Otherwise, the Outlaws will win. The Sheriff and the Deputies win if the Renegade and the Outlaws are killed. For the next game, the eliminated players have to draw a random new character. 


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