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Angry Birds Space Rules, Instructions, Directions

Angry Bird Space rules board game

Read the Angry Birds Space rules below.

Angry Birds Space Board Game Overview: 

Another game in the Angry Birds line, the intellectual property that just keeps giving, Angry Birds Space is part stacking game, part dexterity game, and part demolition extravaganza. Players build various castles in either freestyle or blueprint fashion, load them with pigs and asteroids, and then catapult birds into the structure to knock everything down. The first player to score 1000 points wins.


2x Angry Birds
3x Pigs
1x Space Helmet
1x Asteroid
1x Bird Launcher
4x Large Girders
2x Small Girders
2x Triangles
2x Large Stone Girders
2x Small Stone Girders
2x Cubes
32x Space Mission Cards
8x Points Cards

Angry Birds Space Rules (Mission Cards):

There are four different levels of “Space Mission” cards, with level one being the easiest and level three being the hardest. The fourth level is the “Freestyle” level, which allows for castle construction to be of your own design, using a set number of required pieces.

Levels one through three demonstrate exactly the structure that should be built, but level four only mentions the required components, including pigs, bonus pieces, and the birds that can be used to knock down the castle.

There are several restrictions on “Freestyle” constructions:

  • Castles must be constructed up and out, with no pieces placed behind or in front of the structure.
  • All pieces shown on the “Freestyle” card must be used, including the pigs and bonus objects.
  • Pieces must all be within two inches of another piece of the castle.
  • Entire castle cannot exceed one foot in length.
  • Pigs and bonus objects must be on the structure of the castle, not on the ground.

The value of each “Space Mission” cards differs based on the level of the card. The values are as follows:

Level 1: 100 Points
Level 2: 200 Points
Level 3: 300 Points
Level 4: 200 or 300 Points

Angry Birds Space Rules:

Arrange the “Space Mission” cards into their four separate levels, shuffling each deck individually and placing them within reach of all players without obstructing the center playing area.

Place the “Points” cards next to the “Space Mission” cards.

The youngest player plays first with play continuing clockwise. The game begins with the youngest player drawing a “Space Mission” card from one of the four face-down draw piles. Remember, the goal is to reach 1000 points, but the more points a card is worth, the more difficult it is to complete.

Once a card is selected, pass it to the next player. It is their job to construct the tower and your job to knock it down. If you drew a “Freestyle” card, construct the castle yourself according to the Angry Birds Space rules for freestyle construction noted in an above section.

Place the launcher a minimum of one foot away from the castle, and launch the birds in the order that they appear on the “Space Mission” card. Use one finger to hold down the launcher and another to launch the bird into the castle.

Pigs are “knocked over” if they fall off of their original position, either onto another part of the castle or onto the ground. If a player knocks over all of the pigs on the castle, they score the number of points listed on the card. Save the card to keep track of your score. If the attempt to knock over the pigs was unsuccessful, place the card into the discard pile.

If you crack the pig’s space helmet, take an additional 100 point card.

If you knock over and crack the asteroid, take an asteroid card. The asteroid card is a single-use card that will allow you to launch an extra bird at a castle. When you opt to use this card, return it to the appropriate place in the playing area.


  • You only earn bonus points/asteroid cards if you knock down all of the pigs on the castle.
  • Do not touch any of the pieces in the playing area until all birds have been launched or all pigs have been knocked down.



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