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Angry Birds Knock on Wood: How do you Play Angry Birds Knock on Wood?

What is Angry Birds Knock on Wood?


Angry Birds Knock on Wood is a fun game which imitates the popular Angry Birds video game. In Angry Birds Knock on Wood you build castles which you place a pig on. Then your opponent uses their catapult to launch different Angry Birds at your castle. If they knock your pigs off then they win points. You take turns either building castles or trying to knock down your opponent’s castle. If you manage to get 1,000 points then you win the game.


Understanding The Angry Birds Knock on Wood Rules


The first step to understanding the Angry Birds Knock on Wood Rules is to understand the setup phase of the game. To set up the game you need to first shuffle the different levels of the mission cards. Then you need to place them face down into separate groups near your playing surface. You should set aside a good amount of space in order to build and knock down your castles and pigs.


The mission cards come in four different varieties. These include three different levels of difficulty. There is also a fourth level called Freestyle.


Angry Birds Knock on Wood Rules For Freestyle Play

Freestyle play includes a few rules which are different from normal play: You may only build castles upward; You may not place pieces in front of or behind a castle; You have to use all the pieces which are displayed on a card.

Each piece must be within two inches of each other piece of the castle. Your castle can never be longer than 1 foot long. Your pig and bonus pieces must be placed on a building block.


Beginning Play

When you begin playing you, will start by allowing the youngest player to have the first move. On your first move, you can choose a mission card from whichever level you want. Each level is worth different points. Level One is 100 points, Level 2 is 200 points, and Level 3 is 300 points. Freestyle or Level 4 can be worth either 200 or 300 points.

Once you choose a level, you should give this card to the next player. They have to build a castle using the pieces shown on the card. You have to shoot down their castle.


For Levels One through Three, you must build exactly as the card says. Freestyle or Level Four can be built however you wish as long as you use all the pieces shown on the card.

Face your castle towards the player who will try to knock it down. The launcher must be at least a minimum of one foot away from the front of the castle. Your mission card will show which birds you can use. You must use the birds in the order shown on the card, from left to right. If a bird is shown more than once you should use it as many times as shown on the card.



You have to knock your opponent’s pigs off the castle to win the points. All the pigs must be knocked down to get the points. You also get a 100 point card for each bonus piece knocked down. You only get bonus points if you have also knocked down all the pigs shown on the mission card. If you don’t knock down all the pigs, place the mission card in the discard pile.

The first player to earn 1,000 points wins the game.


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