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Angry Birds Card Game Rules: How do you Play the Angry Birds Card Game?

There have been a lot of different versions of the game Angry Birds. Countless mobile games, PC and console games, even a board game, alongside all kinds of other merchandise and even animated shorts and a feature film. Why not make a card game? Here’s a brief explanation of the Angry Birds Card Game rules.

Contents: In your game, you’ll get two different types of cards-Structure cards and Special Power cards. We’ll talk more about those later.You also get two dice and the King Pig.

How To Play: Each player gets eight cards–two special power cards and six structure cards. Keep the other cards out and in a pile, and place King Pig somewhere nearby.

The structure cards make up what’s called your Castle. Line them up moving away from you in the order you want to “knock them out.” On your turn, you’ll roll the dice, and if the bird shown matches the bird on the card closest to you, that bird is “knocked out,” and you can discard it. If the structure card closest to you is a “2X” card, all you need is two matching birds on the dice. If one or both dice show all five birds, or “Wild,” It can stand in for any bird you need.

If you don’t manage to knock out a structure card, you can draw a Special Power Card. Special Power cards can be used to either benefit you or make the game harder for your opponents. The types of special power cards are:

  • +1: Make any of your opponents draw an extra structure card.
  • Pig: You can give your opponents any of your 2X cards.
  • Re-Roll: You can either re-roll the dice on your turn or make your opponents re-roll on theirs.
  • Boom!: Instantly get rid of one of your structure cards.
  • No Launch: Your opponent skips their turn.

When you clear your Castle: When your castle is cleared, place King Pig a few feet away from you, and fling the dice at him to knock him over, It should be noted that “flinging” is not the same as “throwing,” so don’t throw dice across the table at your grandma. Instead, use your finger to flick the dice at King Pig. If you miss, wait for your next turn. You can’t collect any special power cards, or use them for yourself, but you can use them on your opponents. Remember, if they clear their castle, they have the chance to knock out King Pig. The first one to knock out King Pig is the winner.

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