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Aggravation Rules: How Do You Play Aggravation?


Move your marbles and get aggravated.

Game type: Gameboard, marbles, competitive

Number of players: 2-6

Suggested age: 6+

Game Pieces

Gameboard, 24 marbles split into 6 colors, die

Pregame Setup

Roll to see who goes first. Each player takes 4 marbles of matching color and places them in their start position on the game board.

Playing the Game

Roll the die and move your marbles forward the number of spaces indicated by the die that are able to move that number of spaces. You cannot jump over or land on any of your own marbles. If you cannot move any of your own marbles then your turn is over. You may only place marbles into their home slots by exact count. All spaces must be landed on by exact count and counts cannot be split.

A marble can only be “started” or moved from its base with a roll of 1 or 6. You may decide to “start” a marble instead of moving but cannot do both from the same roll.

You may move over an opponents space, still counting that space as you move over it, or if you land on an opponents marble then you may “aggravate” that marble, in which case that opponents marble returns to their starting position at base, which will still require them to roll a 1 or 6 on their turn to move it out of their base. Marbles cannot be aggravated at home or at base.

If you land on a star space by exact count then on another turn you can move around the star spaces clockwise the number indicated by your roll. Your marble can be aggravated on these spaces and you may exit onto any path you wish.

If you land in the spot in the direct middle of the center piece then you need to roll a 1 on your next turn to exit the center space, but you can exit to any star space you wish.

Players may not jump over their own pieces in home slots.

Team Modes

The game can also be played 2v2 and 3v3 with the following exceptions to the normal rules:

Players on a team alternate their turns and can jump over their partner’s marbles and even aggravate it. As with the normal rules, you must make a play if you can make a play, so if your only play is to aggravate your own team’s marble then you must make that play. The first player to get their marbles into their base still rolls on their turn but moves their partner’s marbles instead.

In a 3v3 the first player on their team to get their marbles home can declare who they are rolling for before they make their roll and move that players marbles accordingly.

Winning the Game

Be the player or the team with all of their marbles in the home slots.

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