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5 Second Board Game Rules

5 Second Rule puts your brain to the test by requiring players to come up with three answers to a question in 5 seconds.

Get Ready

Put the Game Card Box with the cards in it within the reach of all the players, and set the Timer on the table. Within your group, decide how many rounds will make up a whole game. This may depend on the size of your group. The fewer the players, the more rounds you might want to play.

Let’s Play

5 Second board game rules state that if you are the owner of the game then you are in the Hot Seat first. Play continues to the right.

The question on the cards all begins with “Name 3…” and then give you a certain category. The card might ask, “Name 3 famous people named Mickey.” The timer starts after the card is read. The answers you give, in 5 seconds, could be,”‘Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mantle, and Mickey Rooney.” If you accomplish the challenge then you place the card in front of you. Each successfully answered challenge is worth one point.

The timer takes 5 seconds for the balls to get to the bottom and then times up! If your 5 seconds pass without you coming up with all 3 answers then play moves to the right, and the next player tries to complete the same question in the 5 seconds allotted with the timer. The next player must come up with all new answers, and cannot use the ones already given.

5 Second board game rules say if the group feels an answer is questionable, the group decides if it is accepted.

Play will continue to the right until someone can give three original answers in the 5 seconds. When someone does, they get 1 point. If play makes it back to the first person in the Hot Seat, they score a point, even though they did not complete the challenge.

Moving On

The next player in the Hot Seat is the person on the right of the one who completed the question. Their question is read to them by the person on their left.

The Winner

5 Second board game  rules say that after the agreed number of rounds the points are counted up and the winner declared. Each card is 1 point.

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