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30 Seconds Game Rules: How Do You Play 30 Seconds?

30 Seconds Game Rules

Setup: Game board.

A six-sided die containing values 0, 1, or 2.

240 cards containing 2400 names. The cards have two colors—blue and yellow—bearing 5 names each.

Four playing tokens.

A 30-second timer.

Create a minimum of two teams, each comprising at least two members. Each team chooses a token to represent their team and places it on the starting point on the game board.

All teams will roll the die and the team with the highest score starts. If there is a tie, reroll until there is a winner. 

30 seconds gameplay: One member of each team will roll the die to determine their handicap. The number landed will determine how many correct guesses will be deducted from their correct guesses.

For instance, if a team draws a handicap 2 and makes 3 correct guesses, they will only move the token one place forward. If their opponents draw a handicap of 1 and make three correct guesses, they will move their token 2 places. Note that the token only moves forward, regardless of the calculation.

Your turn: The team will decide who will be the describer, and the rest of the team members will be identifiers. Each member must be a describer and identifier, so each team must switch their describer every round.

The describer will draw a card from the “OUT” tray and read from the color side corresponding to their token’s square.

Their opponents will start the timer, and the active team will have 30 seconds to describe and guess all five words.

Once the 30 seconds are over, the team will move their token according to the number of correct scores, minus their handicap. The active team will return the card to the “IN” tray, and it will be the opponent’s turn.

It’s the job of the opposing teams to keep time.

What a describer can do: The 30 seconds game rules description of any of the names in any order. The describer can gesticulate, hum, or sing the names they wish to convey. They can use letters of the alphabet. A great way to go about it is to use associations of the names.

What the describer cannot do: 30 seconds game rules forbid a describer from saying the actual name, names related to the name on the card, translations, rhyming words, or pointing at anything.

Winning 30 seconds: The team that moves its token to the finish square first wins.

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